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Medicare & Medical
  •  Helps lower your out-of-pocket costs

  •  Provides permanent coverage, even if you develop health problems

  •  Offers coverage that travels with you

  • Allows you to keep your doctor and visit any hospital - no networks, no referrals needed

  • Can help you pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses that Medicare doesn't cover, such as deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, or outpatient services.


Medicare Health coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. Medicare Supplement insurance is sold by private companies. Sometimes called "Medigap," A Health Policy will cover the following:

You can also add supplemental policies such as:

  •  Critical illness insurance policies

         (i.e.cancer, heart attack, stroke and end-stage               renal failure Insurance)

  •  Hospital indemnity insurance (paying you cash benefits when you're hospitalized due to covered accidental injury or sickness

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  • Comprehensive long-term care

  • Facility-only long-term care

  • Offers freedom of choice

  • Covers expenses for nursing home, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers or home care services

  • Covers expenses associated with nursing homes, assisted living facilities and Alzheimer's facilities

  • Offers independence and financial security

  • Offers flexibility in making choices and the option to live at home

  • Provides coverage for unexpected health expenses

  • Days of care do not have to be consecutive within the claim period


Help protect your savings and maintain control of where you will receive care when you need it most. Prepare with our long-term care insurance options.:

Long-Term Care 
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Disability Income Insurance 
Leg Injury

Dedicated to helping you protect your most valuable asset — your ability to work and earn an income. If you have a qualifying disability, an Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance policy can help you pay for necessary living expenses.

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Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones. The right choices can help make all the difference when you're planning for the future. Our many life insurance policies are designed to help provide peace of mind.

  • Life Term Insurance provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time. Term life is sometimes convertible to permanent coverage, providing you with flexibility as your needs change.

  • Whole Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that remains in force for your entire lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy.

  • Universal Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance characterized by its flexible premiums, face amounts and unbundled pricing structure. The savings element, premiums and death benefit can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder’s circumstances change.

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